Who are we?

+10 yr. in the Telco so ware development


9 years helping Telco’s with regulatory protocols of Internet Bandwidth

Extensive work on Internet Quality of Experience providing tools to reveal hidden issues

Mobile Apps to assist technician in the Internet installation process

Wi-Fi Apps and Desktop applications to map best CPE installation location

Telecom, Retail & Productive Companies

Key accomplishments

QoS for Net Neutrality in Chile and Ecuador

QoE in Chile, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, USA & Central America

Desktop and Mobile application for installation birth certificate.

Internet User Experience

Unique and non-invasive method of Internet Quality of Experience measurement

Real- me reports for fast ac ons

Hundred of metrics to correlate information

The Fragmented View

The Challenge

When you consider the full end to end (E2E) path of a service, i.e. from the source content server to the customer’s screen, MSO’s have very limited visibility of critical sec ons of this path such as:

CDN: from content server to edge of CDN

Aggregated Path: from edge of the CDN to the edge of the MSO’s network

Home Network: WiFi or ethernet after the CPE

The only por on of the E2E path under the control of MSO is o en monitored using hardware probes or DPI. Both methods are disruptive, costly and can increase the amount of traffic with the core network and degrade the network’s performance.

Probes need to be embedded deep into the transport network infrastructure and only monitor the lower layers of the OSI protocol stack.

A user experiences the service at the top layer of the OSI protocol stack and traditional probes cannot directly monitor the upper layers of the protocol stack where the customer is actually experiencing the service

The Solution

The UQOX solution allows those in charge of the Network, NOC Engineers and Customer Services to directly measure how the end user is experiencing the service.

Each Probe is a sophisticated “bot” that emulates the behavior of a human browsing the internet, downloading content and watching video content from free and paid services.

The probes are plug and play and are positioned behind the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) anywhere on the network

The probes use cheap standard off the shelf small form factor PC hardware and are autonomous and only require a mains power socket and a WiFi or ethernet connection to the MSO’s network, the same way as a subscriber

The cross-visualiza on of the different results can quickly show the origin of the problem and quickly act on issues in the network before they cause problems in the perception of the service

UQOX – How it works

Highly scalable and non-Intrusive solution

Examples of tests performed

HTTP by Elements

FTP, HTTP & Other Transfers

Overall and individual data

All Times separated by stage List of slower sources

Reload and scroll inpage

Download Speed

Download Time

Transferred bytes

Network interface speed

Sniffer & TCP Info

Videos Streams


Resolution  me

SpeedTest (OOKLA)

Download speed

Upload speed


Minimum, average and maximum download speed Resolution drops

Picture pixelization, freezing and buffering

UQOX - Benefits

Monitor multiple classes or packages of own Services Analysis and comparisons between geographical areas Standardization and Homologation of CPE

Monitoring of competitor’s Services

Impact of the introduction of new network elements (i.e. cache platforms, CDNs)

Calibration of network and configuration files for different networks

Comparison of multiple access technologies

Valida on and monitoring of new services, or changes in the DPI or policy restrictions

Compliance with SLA, Neutrality Laws in the network and other contractual imposition

Monitoring of local caches platforms, CDN or specific services Enrich your NMS or alarm systems with new breed of alarms send by SNMP TRAP

Online real- me information, Customizable reports and graphical dashboards

Powerful BI and analytics, export reports and results to Excel & PDF

UQOX - Benefits

More and more Businesses offer free WiFi as a marke ng tool

But what is the real User Experience, and how does this impact the customer’s percep on of the Brand? It might be free, but It doesn't have to be bad...

We developed a version of our solu on (HW and SW) for a client that:

Fully supported for b, g, n in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands

Small Linux based devices

Control of the Wi-Fi spectrum and interference

Best Prac ces and Antenna power gain configura ons

“Walk Test”, to analyze the Wi-Fi spectrum on the Fly

Full assessment of current install


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